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Sunday, August 6, 2017

So, I’ve had this blog for about three and a half years now. I’ve since deleted all my old posts, as I felt that it was time to start fresh. Without further ado, let me introduce myself for those who might not know me.

I’m Blake Deppe, a writer who also uses the pen names Blake X and Blake Skylar. I’m originally from Jersey, and after spending about five years living in Chicago, I’ve moved back to my home state, where I now live with my girlfriend and two cats in the town of Weehawken. I’m an introvert who enjoys the Great Indoors, I have heritage that includes Slovak, Italian, Austrian, and Circassian, and as of this past Friday, I’m 28 years old.

I’m a Satanist and a self-designated student of the occult, and yes, that aforementioned belief is a religious one, so don’t mistake me for an atheist (nothing against them). I’m really fond of nature, to the point where I really wish I lived closer to the sticks. Forests, nature, hiking - I get immense joy from all those things. I’m a cat person, not a dog person, but the canines are alright, too.

I’m a writer who is currently working on an epic fantasy novel, the first in a series. No pressure, right? In the meantime, I also write professionally for an online news publication, but my main job there lately is that of production management - basically, I help put up the home page each day. This includes editing and proofreading articles written by others, and then posting and promoting them on the website. It’s a big duty and a lot to be in charge of, but I take it in stride and I strive to be dedicated and efficient. While I wouldn’t say that journalism is my calling by any means (I want to write fictional stories), I would say that it’s taught me a bit, and won me two awards. With article writing, I primarily focus on the environment and culture (movie reviews, mostly).

I also love a good drink. It started out with an enthusiasm for wine, which I still have! Beer is great, too. And Jack and Coke. My girl has since turned me on to a bunch of different mixed drinks, so that trying a bunch of new things and even preparing drinks are both really appealing to me. I highly recommend the Irish Trash Can - ½ oz of gin, ½ oz of vodka, ½ oz of light rum, ½ oz of peach schnapps, ½ oz of blue curả«ao, ½ oz of triple sec, and an 8 oz can of Red Bull. I like to substitute the plain vodka for peach-flavored (Three Olives is good), and I leave out the rum altogether, since that’s the only thing that I don’t really drink.

I’m also really big on music. Black metal, first and foremost. You’ve got your classics (Bathory, Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, etc.), you’ve got your vicious spiritual black metal like Watain, modern USBM (local bands like Lord of Depression [Illinois], Goat’s Grave [New York], Infernal Sacrament [Illinois], and Gamaliel [Massachusetts]), so on and so forth. Black metal is a huge part of my life, and for me, it goes hand in hand with occultism and spirituality. But that’s not the only music I enjoy. I can also appreciate many other genres of metal, as well as classic rock, alternative rock, southern rock, folk music, some country and bluegrass, some electronic music, and classical music.

I like movies, particularly horror films, mob/crime films, and superhero movies (I lean toward Marvel). My top 5 favorites are The Devil’s Rejects, Pulp Fiction, American Psycho, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. A few close runner-ups are Goodfellas, The Departed, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

I try and keep myself busy with things that expand my mind and represent good usage of my time. I have plenty of hobbies including reading, writing, drawing/sketching, having/making drinks, watching movies or shows (especially Game of Thrones), going for walks or hikes, traveling (when I can afford to), listening to music, and spending time with my partner and our cats. I also want to take up painting and go deeper into my occult studies. I collect good books, black metal tapes, and band shirts, though my girl and I have also agreed to start a DVD collection.

So now you know a little bit about me. I intend to write blog posts on many of the subjects that interest me, and which I’ve listed above. Though I can’t promise I will write on a super-regular basis, I will definitely try and get something fresh up here as often as possible. Also, don’t be surprised if certain entries take on a more philosophic, complex, or intentionally professional manner of writing, as opposed to the casual approach I’m taking now. Different topics demand different writing styles, and changing up my style now and then helps me grow as a writer.

Watch this space. There’s more to come.

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