Everything we are doing is wrong

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I’m disappointed. Annoyed. Slightly apathetic. A little angry, even. I currently live in a small town in New Jersey, right near the Lincoln Tunnel into New York. This state is, in many ways, much better than Illinois, and in every way, better than Chicago, where I lived for about 6 years. But I still live in America, and this country is falling apart; slipping into an abyss of immorality, degeneracy, stupidity, ignorance, cynicism, and narcissism. It’s at once both Orwellian and Fahrenheit 451; it’s the logical conclusion to a volatile mixture of Christian dominance, capitalism, environmental destruction, intellect-shaming, and unrestrained liberalism. But America is just a symptom. The sickness itself is modern society.

I’m tired. I’m tired of an education system built solely on preparation for college - an institution no longer based around education but focused on political indoctrination and forced adherence to the popular social sentiments of our time, resulting in nothing but unemployment, debt, and levels of brainwashing that would put MK-Ultra to shame. The years leading up to college, meanwhile, give this new generation nothing beyond socialization and participation in sports (often by peer pressure, whether one likes it or not). It isn’t only this generation. My own generation, the “Millennials,” includes people who can’t hold a pen or pencil properly; who can’t sign their names in cursive; who can’t or who are too lazy to discern the difference between “then” and “than,” or “too” and “to”; who know nothing about world history, or, for that matter, the history of their own country; who can’t point out a state on a map or tell you where the Panama Canal is; who know the latest pop and hip-hop artists but know nothing of classical composers; who are taught to do everything via technology, and nothing that involves getting out into the world and seeing and physically doing things.

I’m tired of more homes, and condos, and skyscrapers being built - cities continuously expanding and encroaching upon the lands that Nature called home first. (This is particularly awful when there are empty homes already throughout the country, while the homeless population grows.) I’m tired of oil drilling wreaking havoc on the lands that Native Americans knew how to respect and preserve, and which the animals, and birds, and trees, and insects, call home. Tired of our rivers and lakes and oceans being poisoned with oil and other forms of pollution. I’m tired of everything in this sick civilization being centered around technology and “progress.” It only takes eyes to see that our need to be attached constantly to our phones, and always near city streets and strip malls and highways, is regressive, not progressive. It is damaging us deep within. It’s ruining our ability to be one with the natural world and the natural way of things. We are spreading our filth and our ignorance across the planet.

I’m tired of people sitting on Facebook, feeling false senses of moral outrage over problems they contribute to, or acts that they perceive as injustices because the lack of modern morals inhibits their abilities to discern between right and wrong. People arguing with one another merely to pass the time, or to force-feed their opinions - often by way of mob mentality - to others who hold minority views or beliefs. People desperately looking for validation via angry or provocative status updates, because they themselves are self-hating and doubtful of their own beliefs. People snapping selfies in bedrooms or trolling people from their basements out of sheer boredom. People desperately waiting to know what the latest celebrity gossip is because they need to vicariously experience life through actors and musicians, rather than go out and make something of their own lives.

I’m tired of people dismissing out of hand the old world religions that our ancestors believed to be valid, while monstrosity religions like Christianity continue to hold this country in a vice-like grip of hypocrisy and false morality. Catholic churches continue to be useless, repeatedly violating the separation of Church and State, and lacking any responsibility to pay taxes and at least contribute to the economy.

Friends, I am surrounded by enemies. My enemy is the man or woman who tells me that I must pay $60+ per month for service on my cellphone, just to stay connected and preserve my place within my job and society. My enemy is the Christian who looks down his nose at me and mocks Satanism, while he himself worships a symbol of death. My enemy is the government that makes it very difficult to get close to nature, the woods, or the wilderness unless I can afford to own or drive a car, leaving me trapped in filthy, degenerate, violent and ignorance-ridden cities. My enemies are the trendsetters, who tell people what is “hip,” and “cool,” rather than what music, or film, or book comes as natural inclination and enjoyment to the consumer. My enemy is the Presidential administration that won’t pay workers decent wages, creating stagnation, misery, and poor service, and further contributing to homelessness. My enemy is the system that censors free speech, encourages witch-hunts of those who express unpopular ideas, and polices the Internet.

Everything we are doing is wrong. We should be banding together and bonding over our differences. Instead, we’re at each other’s throats because we hold different political views, have different beliefs (or lack thereof), and we belong to different cultures or subcultures. We should be getting back to nature and doing our best to help it grow, and to undo the environmental destruction we have caused. Instead, we’re all spilling into the cities en masse, squabbling with one another, filling up trains and buses, spreading our litter all over the streets, creating disease, engaging in shallow activities that don’t contribute to our intellectual or spiritual growth, and building more and more walls between us and the natural world.

Most everyone you’d meet today can tell you how to use Snapchat, or where the nearest Apple store is (I don’t mean fruit). They can point you to a Starbucks, they can download apps, they can call Ubers, they can name the latest Nicki Minaj songs. They can describe the latest drama developing between this or that celebrity. They can joke about the newest memes or popular catchphrases (“cash me outside, how bow dah” and other such treasures of the English language). They can bellyache over the latest perceived societal injustice, or contribute to the slander of some person or celebrity who said or did something not in line with the status quo. They can ask Google anything!

They cannot build a fire. They cannot tell you where a certain star constellation is in the sky. They cannot tell the time based on the direction of the sun. For that matter, some cannot tell the time on an old (pre-digital) clock. They can’t write in script. They can’t tell you what type of bird it is that you see in that tree over there. They can’t tell one country from another on a map. Some can’t even point out their own home state on a map. They can’t understand the meanings of basic words like “indignance” or “empathy.” They misuse other words, like “ignorance” (it doesn’t mean “stupidity”), or “discrimination” (which simply means making a distinction between two or more things). They can’t use a gun, or catch a fish. They can’t go to a library and properly research a subject, in order to form an educated opinion about a historical, moral, or societal matter; instead, they Google something, read a few paragraphs from a multitude of sites that don’t cite credible or academic sources, and spout off poorly-formed opinions based on presumption and ignorance.

Nothing is going to change if we keep moving “forward.” Because our compass is broken (moral and otherwise). We think South is North, and North is South. And most people no longer know how to use a compass, anyway! Look, the only way to move forward is by holding on to values and knowledge. When you go on a trip, you don’t drop things out of your backpack along the way to lighten the load. You carry it with you. We haven’t done that. As a society, we’ve dropped things on our respective paths, replacing it with trash we find along the way. No one can heal this civilization, this country, or this planet overnight.

For the time being, the best thing I can tell you to do is to be a better human being yourself. Inform yourself, connect yourself to nature, honor your forebears, enrich your life, and expand your mind. This is what I try and do. Don’t try and be like everyone else. Do what you in your heart know is right. I’m tired and I’m irritated with what is happening in this world. But I’m not giving up. Neither should you.

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