New year, same me

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I don’t particularly like the phrase, “new year, new me,” since it seems inherently self-depricating. I get it, it’s meant to suggest that the person plans to reinvent him- or herself, but nine times out of ten, that person just acts the same way they did during the previous year, anyway. So I prefer to say “new year, same me.” I don’t plan on changing because I happen to like who I am! That being said, there’s always room for change to be made in one’s life, so I wanted to write a little bit about what I have planned.
Firstly, I’d like to change things up a bit with my appearance. Not because I find anything wrong with my current “image” or “visage” (for lack of better terms), but because I’ve always been fond of finding new styles and looks to adopt, even if I’ve mostly stuck to the long hair/long beard look for the past few years. One of the things I’ll be doing is cutting my hair shorter (around shoulder-length). I’ll continue to let my beard grow out, though I may consider braiding it - something I’ve always been interested in trying. I’m also thinking about adding a few splashes of color to my wardrobe - I’m thinking a little bit of green, and some more camo (I know, not really a color). 

I also plan on losing a little bit of weight; I’m not really “heavy” by any means, but if I can shrink the beer gut, get my face to look thinner, and just kind of put more exercise into my daily life, that can only result in positivity!

I’d also really like to kick things into high gear in terms of working on my book. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been steadily writing (except on the occasions when I have writer’s block), but I feel like I should set aside more time for it than I’ve been doing, and push myself harder, otherwise the manuscript just isn’t going to be complete in two to three years’ time, plain and simple. I have to be realistic and while it’s all well and good to move along at a confident, steady pace, my goal of writing an entire fantasy series is quite ambitious for someone who is not yet a published author, so I need to prove to myself and to others that this is not merely idealism; it’s a legitimate goal that I intend to achieve.

Something I also enjoy working on is the series of videos for my YouTube channel, in which I discuss various topics, ranging from books and music, to society and people’s behavior, to nature, to things going on in my personal life. It’s a nice alternative way of getting my thoughts across, compared with my writing, and while the views, likes, and general feedback I get on my videos are limited, it has proven to me that my channel does have a tiny audience, and that people - mostly friends that I know online - do appreciate some of these videos. With 570 subscribers (more or less; it tends to fluctuate, as right now it's at 569), roughly 20-40 views per video, and no shortage of ideas for new videos, there’s no reason not to continue, and that’s definitely something I’ll be doing come 2018.

So . . . traveling. I know I say this every year, but I really want 2018 to be the year where I visit Iceland! As always, we’ll see how it goes, but a variety of changes in circumstance could very well allow me to actually take that trip, albeit later in the year (maybe sometime during August or later). So I’m staying hopeful, and adventurous, since, as I’ve said before, Iceland is just the first of many countries that I want to travel to and see.

Finally - and I’ve discussed this a few times already, as well - I want to tap into that inner artist and get back to drawing/sketching. This a skill that I haven’t utilized in some time now, for a variety of reasons, including having limited desk space (I’m too lazy to keep unplugging and moving my laptop every time I want to draw something), but I also plan on buying a newer, longer desk that will allow for more room. After I do that, the only other thing I have to do is buy some supplies (paper, shading pencils, etc.). The style I’ve always been most fond of is the comic book/superhero style of drawing, but I’m very much open to exploring other styles as well, including trying my hand at drawing something ‘realistic.’ So we shall see how that goes. As I’ve also said before, I’d like to get into painting, but I think that’s something that’s a more long-term goal, because, let’s face it, paint supplies are expensive, and canvases take up space that I simply don’t have in my bedroom. But never say never, and if the inspiration is strong enough, I just might start shopping around for those painting materials.

So, in closing, I intend to be the same ‘me’ that I’ve always been for 2018, but I also don’t mind making positive changes in my life. This is also my final blog post of 2017, so I’ll conclude by saying to you, the reader, that if you’ve been reading any of this, or just following this website in general, I appreciate it, and thanks. See you in 2018!

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