The war against false Satanists

Monday, April 9, 2018

I am a Satanist. No prefixes (autotheistic, suitheistic, theistic, etc.) necessary. ‘Satan’ is merely a word for something that has existed long before Christianity, and which has gone by many names (Lucifer, Angra Mainyu, Mastema, Iblis, so on and so forth). Satanism is not a group of angst-ridden, bandwagon-jumping, Hot Topic-loving hipsters who have been spit out the bottom of the unemployment line and are looking for an edgy, counter-cultural hobby to pursue from the damp, mold-ridden safety of their parents’ basements. Satanism is not a group of atheists who have decided to adopt vaguely diabolic aesthetics to push a political agenda and promote “compassion and empathy.” Satanism, in short, has nothing to do with the Satanic Temple and their seven pathetically milquetoast ‘tenets.’

How did this all begin? When did Satanic symbols stop being nightmare fodder for Christian fundamentalists and start being appropriated by mall goths and political activists? Does it even matter? What, for instance, does a band of ignorant, epicene rabblerousers who think themselves “Satanic” have to do with us true believers and practitioners? Should such people not be dirt to us, unworthy of our notice like so many scattering ants beneath the feet of pedestrians? It’s true that false Satanists are spiritually powerless. For all their claims to be “the only real Satanists,” and their barefaced attempts to discredit the very existence of spiritual Satanists by telling people to “stop inciting another Satanic Panic1,” the true Satanists continue to operate in the shadows, unhindered by the Satanic Temple’s social justice shenanigans.

If you think about it, plundering the Devil’s archives is nothing new. Bands like the Rolling Stones were paying lip service with songs like “Sympathy for the Devil” decades ago, as were myriad other bands and artists. Other occult elements, like witchcraft, were echoed in a tongue-in-cheek manner far before that; anyone remember the 1969 Coven album Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls? It was all about doing it for shock, of course, and it didn’t really become blatant or mainstream until the 80s. Now the stench of false Satanism has permeated the world of pop music, with ‘artists’ so talentless I won’t even name them here performing phony rituals on stage and claiming to have ‘sold their souls’ and other such nonsense. Years ago, Satan was used in music because this was considered daring and controversial. Now, it’s merely trendy. The Devil is ‘in,’ and that, in short, is why the Satanic Temple has risen to such prominence in the media and become so attractive to those of my fellow 20-something-year-olds known as ‘millennials.’

Bear in mind that Americans in general tend to be habitual extremists. The majority of modern Christians don’t merely profess a belief in God or observe their beliefs privately; they must proselytize and insult or threaten those who don’t share their faith, either passive-aggressively (“I’ll pray for you”) or directly (“I’m gonna beat the shit out of you. God Bless America!”). Many political activists don’t merely tell you who they’ll be voting for, or what kind of economic, health, and social programs they support; they batter you over the head with it, and don’t you dare disagree with them or vote for someone in the opposing party...worse yet, don’t you dare be apolitical, you freeloading, apathetic cynic! People can’t just enjoy a baseball game. They have to riot (‘celebrate’) in the streets when their team wins, lighting cars on fire and taking ‘drunk and disorderly’ to an entirely new level, as well as threatening and attacking supporters of the other team. I could list more examples, but you get the idea. So if a certain vocal majority feels disenfranchised with the Religious Right that has dominated this country and run roughshod over the separation of Church and State, you can damn well bet they’re going to take things to the ultimate extreme to defy this – hence, the adoption of pseudo-Satanism.

Allow me to interject here with a personal detail. I myself write for a political news publication, though by and large, I now do production management, something that involves editing and posting other people’s articles; essentially, putting up the website each day. Are there world issues that I care about? Absolutely, but I don’t use this blog as a forum to discuss them. If you want to check out my stance on some of those issues, I suggest that you please read the many articles I have written under the pen name ‘Blake Skylar.’ There’s nothing wrong with being involved in politics, if that’s what floats your boat. However, there is nothing intrinsically Satanic about politics, or vice-versa. The two have nothing to do with one another. Satanism is deeply spiritual and primordial. It is beyond the human and the material. Compared with the diabolical forces of the acausal2 beyond, the passions and problems of this physical world are small and insignificant.

So let’s come back to the original question, regarding charlatans like the Satanic Temple: Does it even matter? Yes. It matters because occult symbols have power. Don’t misunderstand me – they do not grant power to those who misuse them (again, the pretenders to the throne are indeed powerless). Rather, their potential energy is never to be realized, when the pages of grimoires are turned by the fumbling fingers of moronic poseurs, or when the names of demons that predate mankind are uttered by the slack-jawed mouths of meek man-children. It’s an insult to the forces that are beyond the understanding of these Temple worms, and yes, it is also an insult to us, the true followers of the Left-Hand Path.

These atheists in goat’s clothing do not get to flip the narrative on what Satanism is. They do not get to define philosophic tenets of a preternatural, acausal agency, the heart of which is black and pitiless in the face of their miniscule, clinical, passive worldview. They, in the simplest of terms, do not get to ‘mess with the bull’ (or in this case the goat) without ‘getting the horns.’ The pretenders must make no mistake: we are not threatened by them, we are not weakened by them, and we are not made irresolute by their imposition of humanitarian ‘values’ upon what is naturally an anti-human religion devoid of genteel scruples. On the contrary, we are mobilized against you, just as we have always been against Christianity and other Right-Hand-Path religions.

A war is fought on many levels, and footsoldiers in Satan’s great battle take on many forms. Some may act viciously. Others will speak out against you. Many will work our black magick and cast curse after curse against your flimsy ‘Temple,’ for that temple is but a children’s sand castle built upon an eroding shore. To the many members of the Satanic Temple, and others who falsely call themselves Satanists: I do not hate all of you. There are some of you I might even call my friends or acquaintances. Know, however, that you have taken up with a group of people who know nothing of the occult, or of the demonic. In fact, those very people will, like atheists, teach you to shun all things spiritual and paranormal, and like Christians, will tell you to “turn the other cheek” and exercise “compassion and empathy.” A union of opposites, indeed, is this false deviltry, though not in any magickal way.

Satanism is not about values, nor should it be a vehicle for the overemotional, spineless, virtue signaling zeitgeist that is modern America. You may certainly have your own values and/or moral code, but it is entirely separate from Satanism, which is an absolute, and which is above and beyond anything remotely human. It is something to which we must adhere and aspire, from which we must learn, and with which we must commune. These counterfeit Satanists want to play the Devil’s game, but like the proverbial undisciplined five-year-old, they want to throw away the rulebook, and win regardless. They want to build a temple, without ever acquiring the tools or the knowledge. A temple built upon such a weak foundation must surely be blown down before long. And so it shall be. To all the Lucien Greaves3 and Peter Gilmores4 of the world, the wolves are at your door. To paraphrase the song by Frank Loesser, “Praise the Devil and Pass the Ammunition.”

1The Satanic Panic was a moral panic that manifested in American media and culture, especially during the 80s and 90s. It was based upon fears that Satanic cults were secretly operating throughout the country, committing acts of murder and abuse, and resulted in persecution and censorship of heavy metal bands, adherents of the ‘goth’ subculture, and various Satanic and occult organizations. Essentially a witch-hunt that in some forms still exists today, it was spearheaded by Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center during the 80s, and further incited by televangelists and politicians like Joseph Lieberman during the 90s. Many Satanic groups do indeed exist throughout the U.S. – significantly more than skeptics believe, and significantly less than Christian would-be moralists declare.

2Acausal in Jungian psychology is equated with synchronicity. However, in chaosophy and specifically Chaos Gnosticism, the acausal refers to the pandimensional plane of chaos and formlessness that is the antithesis to the cosmos, where linear time and spatiality have no meaning. The basis of black magick’s actuation in the physical world is the drawing upon acausal energy to make manifest that which is otherwise impossible.

3Luciean Greaves, real name Douglas Mesner, is a social activist and founder of the Satanic Temple. A humanist and secularist who has a profound misunderstanding of Satanism, Greaves utilizes symbolism and nomenclature that is deliberately provocative in order to push a social and political agenda. He is one of the most well known modern public figures who misrepresents Satanism and appropriates its aesthetics to make atheism and politicization seem counter-cultural and palatable to the grey masses (the conformist and commonplace majority of citizens who exhibit a herd mentality).

4Peter Gilmore is the current High Priest of the Church of Satan (a misnomer, as he is not a mediator between humanity and any deities and/or preternatural entities). Though he opposes the philosophy espoused by people like Greaves, he is nevertheless similar in that he advocates the use of Satanism as little more than window dressing for atheism. Though he correctly promotes egoism and epicureanism, he has softened many of the praiseworthy tenets of his predecessor, Anton LaVey (another false Satanist), in order to appeal to a wider range of pseudo-Satanists. Another charlatan who misunderstands and tarnishes actual Satanism.

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