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Know your blogger: An introduction

Sunday, August 5, 2018

I’m not any kind of well-known public figure. I’m just an average person trying to live life to the fullest. Due to this fact, and before writing this post, I sat back and considered just why someone would want to become invested (or even merely interested) in my personal blog. It occurred to me that a reader had to be familiar, to a certain degree, with who I am, before they could become absorbed in anything I had to say (or write). So, you can consider this an introductory – and hopefully informative – little piece on my life and my interests.

I spent most of my life in New Jersey, but currently reside in Chicago, where I work as production manager for an online news publication. My main ambitions include being a published novelist (I’m currently working on a fantasy story), and a (self-published) comic book writer and/or artist. Based on these goals, you would probably guess that my main areas of interest lie in literature and the arts, and you’d be correct. When I’m at home, and not working on writing, drawing, or inking, I’m probably reading a book, listening to music (metal is my preference but my tastes are diverse), or making videos for my YouTube channel. When I’m not at home, and when I’m not at work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and, on occasion, going out and having a drink.

Personality-wise, I’m what’s called an ambivert. This was news to me when I first heard of the term, but I came to realize that it suits me 100 percent. An ambivert usually has an equal balance of some intro- and extroverted traits. For example, I’m quiet at first when I meet someone, and often hesitant to approach a stranger and start a conversation, but I also really do have a desire to connect with new people, and once I get to know that person, I become very friendly and outgoing. I like to think that I’m like a cat – cautious at first, then very affable and loyal when I warm up to that person. I tend to be shyer in large crowds, but I’m completely in my zone when I’m with just two or three people. I could go on, but my point is that I’m a positive and talkative person, to all those who just give me a chance to be.

On a slightly related subject, when I say that I like traveling, people tend to think that I’m this extreme, “great outdoors,” super active kind of person, and while I can be, that’s not necessarily the case all the time. Again, for me it’s all about balance. I love traveling (even though I’m a nervous flyer), and if I could afford to, I would be going to some European country every couple of months. My favorite form of travel, by the way, is by train. That being said, I also like my “home time,” and the ability to relax in my room with my cat. There’s definitely something comfortable about my familiar little space, and some peaceful silence, that I would miss if I was traveling 24/7. The same can be said with other activities I enjoy, such as hiking. So while I, just as much as anyone, like to get out there and see and experience new things, I do need some alone time in a place that I feel comfortable in, whether it’s just to hear my own thoughts, to work on my writing, or to de-stress.

I like to educate myself and to learn new things, but I don’t attend college or any kind of trade school (and never have). I was lucky enough to get the job I have by knowing someone, and based on my skill set, and while I won’t rule out going to some type of school for something in the future, I tend to feel that it’s not right for me. I’m much more interested in self-teaching, and in choosing what I learn. I also like to learn things from other people, but in more of a “one-on-one” context. For instance, when I travel, rather than sign up for a big tour group, I prefer to use the website Showaround. I meet a new person (and make a new friend), and that person gives me his or her own perspective on the history and culture of that place. This kind of scenario also helps me comprehend whatever facts or information that I hear. I find that I can learn something new from almost anyone, including my friends. I try and be open-minded and attentive.

I guess I should also add that I have a big interest in pop culture. I’m particularly big on the fantasy genre (novels, films, TV series) – after all, I’m aspiring to be a fantasy novelist. I enjoy a lot of fantasy-oriented music like black metal, folk metal, and Viking metal. I’m a big comic book reader and fan (I tend to lean toward the Marvel side of things). I believe that fantasy fiction is extremely underrated and overlooked, and is falsely seen by some as “poor literature” or “escapist.” I think it’s a great genre with a lot of merit, and that it has contributed much more to the world than people realize. On a related note, I also love mythology and folklore, as well as the paranormal (my beliefs in this area are complicated, as I mainly believe in scientific fact, but that’s another subject for another blog post). I wouldn’t consider myself a “fanatic” over any one of these things; rather, I try and enjoy a broad range of different books, films, shows, and music. My interests also reach beyond just speculative fiction. I like reading Dickens just as much as Tolkien, and I can enjoy Dvorak or Chopin when I’m not enjoying metal or rock. I try and be a well-rounded person.

Well, this is all of the relevant information that occurs to me at present time. I hope this has been helpful to anyone who has visited my website and asked “who the hell is this guy?” Thanks for reading, and if you visit my blog again, thanks for that, too.

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