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Unhinged Jared Padalecki convinced Supernatural is real

Former Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki stirred up controversy while filming on the set of Walker, the new series he’s starring in on the CW. Sources say he believed the set to be haunted, and showed up armed with salt and iron chains, ranting and raving about the angry spirit of Chuck Norris and disrupting filming. The crew tried to calm Padalecki, assuring him that Chuck Norris was still alive, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

Padalecki has reportedly been struggling with the ending of Supernatural, and series creator Eric Kripke believes the actor’s delusions began when he received one of the ’67 Chevrolet Impalas as a departing gift (as did his co-star Jensen Ackles). His wife Genevieve, who appeared to be in a state of distress, said Jared began stowing bizarre items in the Impala’s trunk, including a throwing star and a grenade launcher. When she confronted him, he began to insist that his name was Sam and he had to continue hunting now that his brother was gone.

“But it’s so ridiculous!” said Genevieve. “I told him, ‘your brother is an orthopedic surgeon here in Austin, he’s alive and well!’ ” She said things took a turn for the worse when they were out shopping at a supermarket, and Jared suddenly believed a vengeful spirit was prowling around the canned foods aisle. “He insisted that everyone in the immediate vicinity join us inside a circle of salt. At this point I was very afraid his sanity had slipped entirely. Though he did make the salt circle very big so everyone could still socially distance, which I thought was nice of him. He always makes such thoughtful gestures like that. It’s part of why I married him.”

Padalecki reportedly spent the following days combing through the Internet in search of strange weather events and other things he believed to be supernatural omens. He began to insist that his family refer to him only as Sam Winchester, and that the ‘Jared Padalecki’ they were speaking of must have been a shapeshifter.

“He’s such an excellent actor and this is so sad to see,” said Mark Pedowitz, president of the CW Television Network. “I think the separation anxiety he felt when he finished filming that final Supernatural episode, combined with the pressures of filming Walker, have caused him to plunge into another reality, one in which he gets to live out his dream of really being a hunter.”

“You know, we saw erratic behavior from Jared even as we filmed that final season,” admitted producer and director Robert Singer. “There was some really inappropriate stuff happening, like when Jared hit Jensen in the face with a pie. Jensen got quite upset over that, as he had really wanted to eat that pie. We wanted to call in Kripke to see if we could resolve the situation and talk some sense into Jared, but Kripke was too busy working on his Amazon show – The Fellas, or whatever it’s called.”

The chaos on the set of Walker culminated in Padalecki driving off in the Impala, promising to help all the actors and crew by finding Castiel and returning reality to normal. He was last seen at a diner on his laptop, where he warned fans and onlookers not to interrupt him, as he was doing “important research.”

Meanwhile, Genevieve plans to have Chuck Norris track down Padalecki so they can stage an intervention. “He left his cowboy hat here,” she said. “But it’s okay. Until we can find him, Jensen is going to take over the role of Cordell Walker. He’s very enthusiastic and is taking it really seriously. Recently he’s even asked that people refer to him only as Walker. I hope we don’t have to worry…”

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